Inflatables are very popular among people of all age groups. This includes adults who are among the groups of people who find inflatable game rentals to be very enjoyable. These interactive inflatables provide adults with good team building ideas which allow them to participate in large groups. For adults looking to use interactive inflatables, they can choose from a variety of inflatable team rentals that include a diverse selection of games.

These inflatable game rentals allow adults to not only take advantage of team building ideas but also compete with one another and keep themselves occupied when attending a party or social event. With a variety of options, adults will have plenty of quality games to participate in when using inflatables.


One of the most popular games is X Treme Twister. In this game participants roll two dice and place a hand or foot on a colored circle. The objective of the game is to cover as many colored circles as possible. A winner is awarded when they cover the most circles before all of the other participants.

This game comes in a very durable inflatable raft that is 13 feet wide and 13 feet deep. It is surrounded by a green wall with a blue floor. On the floor are the circles which come in the colors red, yellow, blue and green. There is space for up to four participants when playing this game.


The next game that is very popular among adults is Gold and Darts. This game is just like regular darts but it takes place on an inflatable surface. With Gold and Darts, participants attempt to hit parts of the board. If they get the middle of the board then they are awarded the most points. The winner is determined by the amount of times they hit the center of the board compared to other participants.

In terms of the makeup of the game, it is about 13 feet tall with the top of the board. It is surrounded by two large blue inflatable stands with the board being located between them. The dart board is a large circle with numbers. Its colors are black, white and red.


Another popular inflatable game among adults is Mini Hoop Basketball. This game is an inflatable version of the sport. With the Mini Hoop Basketball game, participants attempt to get a ball through the hoop more than their opponent. A winner is determined by who scores the most points.

In terms of the appearance of the game, it is a 13 foot structure with the hoop in between. The colors of this inflatable structure include blue, yellow, red and black. A participant stands in front of the structure and about 10 feet away from the basket.


Inflatable interactive games Albuquerque-Gladiator Joust Game

This game involves participants getting onto the inflatable and stepping on to one circular platform. They are given a large stick object and attempt to knock the other off of it. The winner is awarded to the participant who remains on their platform.

The inflatable is about five feet high and 15 feet wide. It is surrounded by walls that are about 3 feet. Its colors are orange, blue, red and yellow. There are two circular platforms placed in the middle of the ring.


When it comes to inflatable games, the boxing ring is one of the most popular. With this game, two participants get into the ring and put on oversized gloves. They are then tasked with hitting each other as much as possible. Both participants are surrounded by a large structure that provides them with enough space to enjoy the game.

The ring is quite large and colorful. It is about 13 feet tall and 13 feet wide which is comparable to the size of many other inflatable games. Along with the large size, the ring combines the colors of red, yellow, green and blue. As a result, it provides participants with a very unique environment to play a game.


One of the most popular inflatable games for adults is the four in one sports game. This combines booths that include football, soccer, basketball and baseball. A participant chooses one sport to participate in. There can be up to four participants at the same time. With each game the player needs to get a ball into a hole to score points. For example, in baseball, you need to throw the ball into a hole with a catcher’s glove.

In terms of the appearance of the game, it is over 13 feet in height and about 15 feet in width. The colors include green, brown, orange and white. Inside the booth are graphics of each particular sport. There are four holes in soccer and football and one for basketball and baseball.

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