Graduation parties represent a rite of passage. These celebrations give family and friends the opportunity to wish the graduate well in future endeavors and congratulate them for all of the hard work they put in to graduate. No matter how large or small the graduation party is, there are common similarities that each host includes to make the event both memorable and enjoyable.

Common Aspects Of Graduation Parties
All graduation parties, regardless of size, consist of the graduate, family and friends. The group comes together to celebrate the graduate’s achievements. These parties all are hosted in a designated location and some form of refreshments are provided. Beyond these basics the sky is literally the limit for the amount of entertainment, cuisine and memorabilia that can be utilized to customize each unique graduation party.

Features Added To Graduation Parties To Enhance The Experience:

Buffet Style Cuisine Combined With Appetizers, Desserts and Drink Varieties
There are typically three types of popular graduation parties. These include:

Depending upon the type of graduation party the food may need to be a bit more mature. It is completely acceptable to have pizzas, a cook out or pot luck for an elementary school graduation party.

High school graduations are typically on a larger scale because the graduation has decided what they will be doing after high school and will want to have many friends and family present in the event they are going away. These types of graduations typically have catered food and include a more extensive dessert table rather than a typical cake.

College, university or military graduations are commonly celebrated on a more adult level and can incorporate a bar for those of legal drinking age. Hiring a bartending or serving staff would be a fantastic add on in the event of an adult graduation party. The food is on a bit more mature scale and the guests have grown up tastes in food. It is still acceptable to supply some kid friendly foods for any children in attendance.

Entertainment For Younger Guests Such As Interactive Inflatables
Children can often become bored at graduation parties. If the graduation party is for an 8th grade graduation then the friends of the graduate will definitely enjoy jumping in interactive inflatables. Inflatable game rentals are an ideal way to keep this age group entertained. These inflatable game rentals include inflatable water slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses.

If the graduation party is for a high school graduate or college graduate and many smaller children will attending these rentals will also give them something to do while the adults are celebrating.

Outdoor Seating Options By Utilizing Tent Rentals
Whether the host is having the party at a venue or a home a tent rental can be ideal for providing additional seating and fresh air that is shielded from possible rain and the direct sun light. A tent allows more guests to enjoy the party and filter from inside to outside. These are also fantastic shaded areas for parents to utilize near any inflatable entertainment children may be enjoying.

Collectible Memorabilia To Cherish
Graduation parties are events that graduates can reflect back to throughout their adult years. These parties have begun incorporating pictures, stuffed animals and even signs that guests can sign. These are similar to guest books at weddings only these allow guests to sign their name and wish the graduate well in future endeavors. Some keepsake memorabilia such as stuffed animals or signs can be easily displayed.

Decorations That Include Balloons, Signs and Party Favors
In addition to the food, venue, tent, seating and signature memorabilia many parties are accentuated with decorative accents. Popular accents include number balloons to depict the graduation year as well as signs that can staked into the ground or hung on walls and party favors for guests.

Big Or Small, The Gift Of A Party Is Straight From The Heart
It does not matter if the graduation party is large or small. The fact that the graduate is being celebrated is what matters most. The add on features can make the event a bit grander but they are not necessary. Sticking with a comfortable place to celebrate, food and entertainment for the younger guests is really all it takes to have a successful graduation party for the guests and graduate.

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