A corporate event could be an excellent way to boost the morale of your team or the connection of your network with the industry professionals. Planning a corporate event needs time, staff, arrangement of rentals such as tent rentals, inflatable jumper rentals or water slide rentals, and the others. The followings are the tips for planning a corporate event to ensure it will run smoothly and give every guest a great time to remember.

Collect all the information about the corporate event

First thing first, before you plan the event, get all the necessary information about the event, and find the answers for the followings:

Once you have the concrete information of the goal as well as the details in mind, you could avoid any issues coming with the venue, menu or others. Budgeting is extremely important. You do not want to run out of the fund before the corporate event is fully entertained.

Get a team to organize the corporate event

A corporate event, especially the large-scale one, is overwhelming for a single person to plan. Get a team of your peers or hire the event professionals to help you plan the corporate event.

Set the date for the corporate event more than 2 months in advance

A date set wrong could severely affect the attendance on the corporate event. Before settling on the date, you need to consider anything possible to occur around that time, such as whether any school holidays will be during that time, whether the weather will affect the transportation and attire, whether there are any big games or conflicting events to cause issues for the guests to attend the event and more.

After found a date with the minimum conflicts, send the invitations at least two months before the event to give the guests enough time to put it on their calendar.

Make the corporate event inclusive

Be considerate to each guest as well as the ones whom they might bring with them to the event.

A small effort could make a difference and go a long way.

Select a unique venue

Take a tour of various venues when you are choosing one. There are so many venues to choose to make the guests to say “wow!” in the event. You might consider tent rentals, inflatable jumper rentals or water slide rentals. Pay attention to how many people they could entertain, what unique services they could provide for corporate event and where the guests could park.

Have a Plan B

Life is unexpected. Surprising circumstance could occur from time to time, such as last-minute cancellation, weather emergency or others. it stands to reason that it is a good idea to have a backup plan. The Plan B does not need to be elaborate. However, it should be communicated as well as accessible to the staff working on planning the corporate event.

Remind the guests one week before the event

If you have sent out the invitations for the event about two months in advance, the guests might have lost or forgotten the date of the event. Always, send a reminder to the guests who have the RSVP’d in the event one week before the event with last minute details such as parking, transportation or others. Also, use the reminder to get the guests excited about the event.

Everybody loves souvenirs

Souvenir allows the guests to take the event home with them, and they could remember the event every time when they see it. The souvenir does not need to be big and expensive. A succulent or a shot glass, usually, will do.

Ask for the feedback after the event

If you always plan the corporate event, asking for the feedback could make each event become better and better. You could send the surveys in the following week to ask about the venue, activities, food and the overall event as well as ask about what they expect to have in the next event and what you could improve from this event.

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