Celebrate the 4th of July the right way by having tons of fun with family or friends. The 4th of July is an exciting day in the summer that consists of delicious food, good company, outdoor activities, and America’s independence. Revel in the summer weather without leaving your home or having a pool by renting a water slide. A bouncy house rental also takes your party to the next level. You cannot go wrong with these classic activities on the 4th of July.

A party under the sun won’t sound too bad when there’s an inflatable water slide involved in the backyard. Water slide rentals help you cool off in the scourging summer weather. These slides are perfect for large outdoor parties or private backyard parties. It’s fun, easy, and it ensures a great time. Nothing says 4th of July like fun outdoor activities and meat on the grill. This is also an ideal way to bond with kids, family, friends, and significant others.
Choose a rental company that rents various inflatable water slides depending on who wants to use it. Different water slide rentals suit people of all ages namely:

• 10 ft tall water slides for toddlers
• Wide water slides for all ages
• Double water slides
• Beach themed water slides, etc.
• 24 ft tall water slides

They also sell out quickly because water slides are a big hit at parties. They are epic and entertaining despite the size.
If water slides aren’t enough, you might want to try renting a bouncy house for the little ones. A party rental company also has a bouncy house rental. Patriotic bounce houses are purchased every year for Independence Day because of its classic red, white, and blue colors that symbolize America’s freedom. Kids can spend their time in the bounce house for some fresh air and exercise instead of staying inside and using electronics.
Anyone can use a bounce house. Bouncy house rental is structurally sound and designed to withstand hours of use. It is important to make sure that the bounce house operators follow safety protocols for everyone’s safety.
Bounce houses are a fun way for children and teens to blow of some steam but it’s just as important to make sure that everything is set up properly for their safety. It’s much safer for kids and it’s easier to control the number of kids in the house that reaches the maximum capacity. Other activity sets require persistent adult supervision to prevent injuries.

You should also ask if the party rental company is certified before renting inflatable water slides and bounce houses. Some organizations certify people for device inspection with “resources for amusement industry professionals dedicated to the safety of the industry and its patrons” like the National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials. It is important to make sure the provider isn’t in violation of manufacturer requirements like the maximum capacity the inflatable holds of the wind speed it’s rated for.

If you don’t have a pool, it’s easy to create a waterpark at home with sprinklers and a hose extension but a water slide rental just adds to the fun. Here are some advantages to renting a water slide for your 4th of July celebration.
• Cost-Efficient
You don’t need to worry about the maintenance costs of a pool because the party rental company takes care of that. A water slide fulfills the need to cool off with water and fun sliding. Most inflatable water slides use less water than permanent slides in swimming pools. The reused water flows continuously if it’s clean. Therefore, renting a water slide is more cost-efficient and the water bill doesn’t raise.
• Safe for Children
Water slides are made of vinyl material that’s very safe for children even if they hit the sides or the floor. Children can play freely without the risk of injuries or hurting each other.
• Simple Setup
The one requirement, which is a flat surface for the slide, makes this a no-frills outdoor setup. The rental company helps set it up and they already carry all the necessary equipment to get it up and running. All you have to worry about is the party and the safety of the kids.
• Tons of Fun

Water slides can be used by people of all ages. Kids tire themselves out after hours of sliding. There is also a variety of styles to choose from that will suit your preferences.
It can be expensive to plan a trip to a waterpark and a bit of a hassle especially in 2020. Sometimes it’s best to have a fun party at home when celebrating the 4th of July. Enjoy watching the fireworks at the end of the day after cooling off with fun water slides.

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