Halloween is one of the most popular holidays. The average estimates have around 70% of the total population participating in some type of Halloween celebration. It’s also important to remember that this number only includes people actively celebrating. A full 95% of Americans observe the holiday by buying candy and the like.

Halloween is one of the few holidays which almost everyone recognizes in some way. This also means that it’s one of the best holidays to plan a party around. What better event to celebrate than one which everyone can enjoy? Of course this also means that one needs to step things up a little in order to have the best Halloween party.

One should start by creating a good first impression. One shouldn’t count on word of mouth to bring people to the party. It’s best to ensure a properly attended and curated party through direct invitations. This also gives one an opportunity to create a fantastic first impression through custom invitations. The invitations should have a general motif which will match the parties atmosphere.

For example, a more playful and fun party might have cartoonish monsters. A more adult oriented party could go for a more Gothic design with vampires or attire in the form of a Victorian masquerade. However, it’s still important to offer general guidance to guests about costume choices. If one intends to create a general theme than it’s important to specifically bring it up within the invitation. Hiring a Face painter is perfect to achieve the perfect Halloween Costume. 

Of course one of the biggest draws of any party is food. Halloween offers a chance to combine inventive design with deliciously decadent flavors. It’s a moment where everyone’s prepared to let their diets slide for a bit. As such one shouldn’t feel any need to stay away from sugar or more indulgent treats.

Candy is almost a given for Halloween parties. However, one should never forget that Halloween is all about creativity. Consider something as simple as strawberry preserves. They’ll have a great taste on their own.

Strawberry preserves can also provide a sweet tasting “bleeding” effect when placed in softer food items such as cake. Imagine how much fun guests would have cutting into a cake and seeing strawberry preserves seep out. This is only one of many ways to put the idea to use though. The important point is to really think about how one can turn food into a more creative endeavor for the party.

Now that food has been settled on it’s time to consider the drinks. There’s a wide variety of ways in which one can liven up the drinks. Food coloring is one of the all time classics. It can make a drink into anything from a mad scientists concoction to a witch’s brew. One can also work on containers for the drinks which match those choices.

For example, if one were using food coloring to create a witch’s brew than why not create a cauldron? The ladle can be themed as a broom. And food grade dry ice would make it seem as if mysterious forces were moving away from the container. Or a mad scientist’s potions might be served in test tubes or graduated cylinders.

The food and drink are an important part of a party’s atmosphere. One can never forget about the music tracks though. Thankfully this is one of the easier options to settle on. Most stores offer a wide variety of Halloween songs for the holiday. Of course one can also have fun creating a playlist that can keep the party going all night long. The only caveat is that the music should match the theme one is trying to cultivate.

At this point in the plan one will have the party set up for a night of fun. What will one actually do at the party though? There’s a number of classic holiday games to consider such as bobbing for apples. Even an old fashioned cake walk can fit into some forms of Halloween fun. For example, if one has access to a corn maze or the like than a scarecrow and cakewalk could go hand in hand.

One should also consider decorations as garnish for the festivities. This too should go along with the general theme of the event. If one is going for light entertainment than something like fake cobwebs and spiders might fit. Or if one is going for a more involved atmosphere than something more extravagant can perfectly hone the atmosphere. The following list shows just how easy it is to put all of this into effect.

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