Every child wants to have a memorable and fun birthday party that they can remember for years and years. With the unpredictable events that have been going on in the nation lately, all parents are likely wanting to give their child the best birthday party possible. There is a lot that goes into giving your kids a great birthday party but here are some of the top tips that can help you throw your children the most amazing and memorable party ever.

#1) Decide On A Theme

One of the most important things that you should have for your kid’s party is a theme. Every child wants to have a memorable theme that they can look back and remember ten years from now. Remember, the theme should not be what you want it to be. Instead, it should be what your child wants. Letting your child pick the theme of the party will make them feel like they have some control over their party. It will also show them that their voice matters.

Some themes are harder to throw than others so if your child is struggling to come up with ideas or is asking for too obscure ideas you can give them a list and let them pick from the list. This will allow you to plan a great and fun party that your child also loves.

#2) Find A Fun, Surprise Activity

If you are looking to make your kid’s party truly unforgettable you may want to surprise them with inflatable jumper rentals. Inflatable jumper rentals, like a bouncy house or an obstacle course rental will surprise and delight any child. Having your child wake up to see a bouncy house or an obstacle course rental in their yard will make them happy and make you feel great too.

You can choose to surprise your child with these inflatable rentals or let them pick which one they want. If you have a younger child you may want to pick the rental for them and if you have an older child you can let them choose. You can find amazing inflatables that also have the same theme as your party. This can really amp up the excitement and get all of your guests, both children and adults, ready to party.

#3) Plan Food and Drinks

An essential for any party is to have enough food and drinks for everyone. If you are looking to plan a memorable party you need to make sure that you have unique and interesting food and drinks. While you will surely need to buy a wide variety of food you should also plan on making a few homemade dishes.

You should try to get creative with your homemade food and drinks. You can find endless recipes online for different food and drinks for kids’ birthdays. Try to decorate and plan flood that will go along with the theme to help keep everything cohesive.

#4) Send Out Invites

Another essential for any kid’s birthday party is to send out invitations. You should send out invitations about a month before the party. This will allow adequate time for shipping and for people to respond. Sending them out earlier may cause people to forget about the party and sending them out later may result in people not coming because they already have prior plans.

#5) Make A Special Cake

One of the most important parts of any birthday party or any party is the cake. All kids want to have a special cake that they can remember forever. You should try to make your own cake or purchase a large and intricate cake, if you are not a good baker.

While a regular sheet cake is a traditional way to go because they are a more affordable option they are not always the best for creating memories. They are easy to add decorations too, but you should try to make a cake that is more involved. A special cake is one of the optimal ways to create a memorable party that every guest will not forget.

#6) Favors

Another essential to any kid’s party is to give out favors. Favors are a great way that people can remember the party and all the fun they had. Try making little goodie bags that will help people remember the party. you can add small toys, games, and even homemade gifts to the bags. If you are hosting a party for young children you can likely use dollar items in the bags. If you are hosting a party for older children you may want to include more creative and homemade items.

If you are looking to host a party that your child and your guests will not forget, you should follow these six simple tips. These tips can help ensure that you and your guests have a great time.

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