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Gladiator Jousting / Boxing Ring

Jousts are great for kids and especially team-building at the corporate level. Wouldn't your employees love to take you down in a gladiator joust? 2 participants, young or old, stand on the pedestal and try to knock each other off. Last one standing wins! Gladiator Joust is a big hit among siblings, friends, enemies and especially couples! Couples love to get up there and smack each other around in a fun way!

Mondo Boxing is another great event activity and includes a 15' x 15' inflatable boxing ring and 4 oversized boxing gloves and headgear for 2. You will see what a great exercise this is and will gain a new respect for the stamina of boxers! Duke it out with your buddies in a safe, fun way!

Joust Arena

Gladiator inflatable Joust rental

Mondo Boxing

Mondo boxing inflatable outdoor competition rental

Set-up requirements

Joust requires a 26' x 24' flat surface.

Mondo Boxing requires a 17' x 17' flat surface.


Gladiator Joust Rentals:
$250.00 for 4 Hours
$300.00 for 8 Hours
$350.00 party all night!

Mondo Boxing Rentals:
$175.00 for 4 Hours
$225.00 for 8 Hours
$250.00 party all night!