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Inflatable Water Slide Rental

We have the biggest and best inflatable water slide rentals for Albuquerque and the surrounding areas!

Make your Albuquerque summer party the coolest with one of our massive inflatable water slides! We have different models to choose from reaching as high as 20 feet in the air - rent one for your next event and combine it with some of our other outdoor party rental favorites and your guests will be guaranteed a great time.

Albuquerque Water slide Rentals

Laguna Waves Water Slide with Slip N Slide!

Best Water Slide in New Mexico! Call for pricing

Our water slide rentals are perfect for parents who want to give their kids killer parties with minimal supervision and clean-up. Our team will show up with the day's inflatable fun, in addition to available snacks and treats, and take some of the work off your shoulders so you can enjoy your child's special event.

Water Slide

Our equipment is always cleaned before use, and as the experts in water slides and other inflatable party rentals we consider every detail to make sure your event is unforgettable. as well as snacks and treats and let you enjoy the party as well: for kids parties, just call us!

Rent a Waterslide from Amazing Jumps
Tsunami Slip N Slide

Tsunami Slip N Slide

12'W x 30'L x 10'H

Get caught in the unpredictable Tsunami and speed along through a massive wave!

$250 for 4 Hours
$300 for 6 Hours
$350 for 8 Hours
$400 Party all night!

20 Foot Waterslide

20' Water Slide

15'W x 30'L x 20'H
Pricing and Requirements
20' x 30' flat surface
$300.00 for 4 Hours
$350.00 for 6 Hours
$400.00 for 8 Hours
$450.00 party all night!

Tropical Waterslide

Tropical Waterslide

15'W x 30'L, x 14' H
Pricing and Requirements
15' x 27' flat surface
$250.00 for 4 Hours
$300.00 for 6 Hours
$350.00 for 8 Hours
$400.00 party all night!

Cascade Crush

Cascade Crush Water Slide

25L x 16W x 18H

Fly down our Cascade Crush waterslide and pick up extra speed when you hit the curve and into the splash pool!

Call for Pricing

Laguna Waves Waterslide

Laguna Waves Water Slide

20'W x 45' L x 27'H (Without Slip N Slide)

Slide Nearly 60 Feet at rapid speeds through the waves of Laguna Beach, through the slip and Slide and into the splash pool. New Mexico’s best Water slide!

$395 for 4 Hours
$450 for 6 Hours
$500 for 8 Hours
$550 Party all night!