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Albuquerque Fund Raisers

How does an inflatable fund raiser work?

Inflatable fund raisers make money for your organization through the sale of admission bracelets or tickets to enjoy inflatable slides, obstacle courses, dunk tanks, and other attractions.

Inflatables are a perfect way to raise funds for schools, sports teams, churches, or any other organization! They're a great starter fund-raiser as well, because the cost of the inflatable rental can be recouped at even a small event.

Include sno-cones, cotton candy machines, or the unbelievable GyroXtreme ride and your guests will be treated to fun and friends while your organization gets a funding boost.

Read the answers to some common questions below then get in touch about using inflatables to make your next fundraiser a success!

How much does it cost to hold an inflatable fund raiser?

We have an array of packages to suit any event, or we can help you tailor a package that includes the themed inflatables of your choice, as well as treats and the GyroXtreme ride depending on the nature of your event.

We also offer programs for pay-to-play and profit sharing. This is a excellent way to raise money for smaller organizations, because your organization and Amazing Jumps both share revenue from the event, and there is no up-front cost.

How many inflatables will we need?

The number of recommended inflatables depends on the number of kids expected at the event. It's a good idea to have plenty of inflatable to keep lines short and so kids can vary their activities. Sno-cones and cotton candy complete the experience and keep kids energized, and a dunk tank is a popular favorite for events and fund raisers.

What kinds of inflatables are best for a fund raiser?

Inflatables for fund raisers and large events need to have a high capacity for kids to use it. Slides and waterslides are great because the line never stops moving, and so are obstacle courses and our larger bounce houses.

Our dunk tank rentals are popular for fund raisers and events because attendees get to soak a notable person from the organization - a thrill without consequences.

Albuquerque Fund Raisers

How much can our church, school, or other organization make by holding an inflatable fund raiser?

The sky's the limit! The success of your fund raiser is only limited by the creativity and energy you put into it. Modern communication tools like Facebook and other social media means that a well-planned event with a good message can attract the attention of huge numbers of people in very little time. Our goal is to help your organization plan a fundraiser so fun and profitable you'll want to hold one each year!

Get in touch with us about making your next fund raiser an unbelievably fun and profitable event - it's one of our specialties!