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FAQ - Frequently Asked Jumper Questions


Amazing Jumps strives to continue as the best jumper company in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we always offer you the fairest prices. After all, our business grows through your referrals and client loyalty. There may be cheaper alternatives out there, however they often lack insurance and the quality and cleanliness that Amazing Jumps is proud to provide.

Click below to download our printable menu and prices of our most popular services and products. If you desire something that isn't on the menu, simply call us or click here to get in touch.

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Amazing Jumps is very flexible to meet your needs. Church, Temple, Park, Playground, Back yard, the end of your Cul-de-sac - all are suitable spots for one of our jumper rentals. Our order of preference for surfaces is grass, then pavement, then sand (as sand gets wet it sticks to the bottom of the jumper like cement!)
The first thing we'll help you out with is planning for your set-up. We'll give you the dimensions and advice for a great outdoor jumper party, so you don't have to worry if you've planned correctly.
For example, our Joust rental is 20 feet by 24 feet - that's a fairly large area for many clients. Don't hesitate to call or email with any questions!

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Want to have a great party at the park? Amazing Jumps is Park Approved by the city of Albuquerque, so call us today!

Click here to see the City of Albuquerque's policies regarding inflatable structures in city parks.

Set-up requirements

Amazing Jumps is very flexible to meet your needs. Church, Temple, Park, Playground, Back yard, the end of the Culdesac.... are all suitable spots for one of our Amazing Jumps. We prefer grass, then pavement, then sand (as a last resort) when setting up outside. As sand gets wet, it makes like a concrete on the bottom of our equipment.

We provide the generators ($50 add-on) and blowers required to run the equipment at your event. Set- up doesn't take nearly as long as you think it might. Within minutes, a jumper can be laid out and inflated. We use multiple methods to secure the jumper to the site (stakes or sand bags).

One point to handle right away is the concept of "Space". We can give you the dimensions of any of our products. From there, you can see if you have planned correctly.

Joust, for example, is 20 foot by 24 foot.... that can be a lot of flat, non-vegetative space for some clients. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to see the City of Albuquerque's policies regarding inflatable structures in city parks.

Jumper Rental Policies and Cancellations

All cancellations must be called in the night before your jumper rental.

Here at Amazing Jumps, we do our best to accommodate all customers in times of unforeseen weather and/or emergency conditions. For this reason, we stay tuned day and night to the local weather conditions in and approaching our area. We ask that all customers do their part and stay informed as to any weather conditions approaching their area. Sometimes rain may be occurring in one part of town but not in the other part of town right next to it. For this reason WE DO NOT CANCEL DUE TO RAIN. This decision is left solely to the customer. WE WILL HAVE TO CANCEL FOR EXTREMELY WINDY DAYS. (OVER 25 MPH CONSTANT WINDS) Please feel free to give us a call should you have any questions regarding our policies.

The customer is responsible for notifying the office BETWEEN 8-10AM OR BEFORE THE DRIVER DELIVERS ON THE DAY OF THEIR JUMPER RENTAL if they need to cancel the rental. Once the jumper is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE, NO REFUNDS, regardless of total time used. All decisions to cancel due to weather or any other reason need to be made BEFORE the scheduled delivery time, even if the equipment is delivered early. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news, or using the forecast tool below!.


Click here for full 10-day forecast

Fitness and Hydration

You see it on the news all the time and we would be remiss in our duty, if we didn't stress it here. Dehydration is a major issue in our climate, and this is an "exertion sport". Please, please, please make sure you and your children arrive hydrated and fit to play.

Signs of dehydration are muscle soreness, headaches, lack of energy, and moodiness. It's a great idea to bring clean drinking water to any outdoor activity - especially in New Mexico's climate.